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commoning space network (EN)

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Establishing a European network of self-managed housing projects

Solidarity social sustainable housing projects are growing within the EU and want to establish a European network for mutual support.

Housing is becoming a social explosive across Europe because rents and purchase prices are rising disproportionately and, for example, families can no longer finance their need for suitable housing and low-income population groups are disadvantaged. On the other hand, many people live in large living spaces or there are empty apartments or buildings. Rising rents, the energy transition, rising interest rates and a shortage of living space are making living more expensive. Some buildings are used for profit.

Residents of self-managed housing projects buy their building or property and transfer it into permanent shared ownership. Residents have the greatest interest in ensuring that their rents remain social, that they live well and that they pursue the democratic, sustainable and self-organized goals of their solidarity network such as or Solidarity social sustainable housing projects and their associations are growing within the EU and now want to establish a European network for mutual support.

The planned steps are the establishment of an association for future Europe-wide activities, the establishment of a European cooperative to co-finance new housing projects, the creation of a joint information platform to share knowledgement that also serves public information and international advice in countries where no such a national network exists.

The project runs until the end of 2024 and is funded by:

Founding Workshop „European Network of community-led Housing“ from 4th to 6th of December in Berlin

Dear Friends,

for many years, associations such as Vrijcoop, habiTAT, LeClip, Mietshäuser Syndikat, MOBA SCE, Sdílené domy, LaDinamo and many other cooperative-like organizations projects have been fighting for non-profit, sustainable and democratic housing. Hence in 2018 Commoning Spaces Network was founded.

Since the interest in non-speculative community-led housing has been growing, we receive more and more inquiries from groups abroad wanting to establish similar projects, asking for support and finances. We have been discussing and trying to advance, and it turned out, that we need a formal international network and have to professionalize. Now we raised funding from the public “German Foundation for Engagement and Volunteer Work”.

Commoning Spaces Network invites You cordially to the Founding Workshop European Network of community-led Housing, which will take place from 5th to 6th of December in Berlin.

Please register by eMail to

We have a budget for reimbursement of travel costs. Accommodation and lodging will be provided.

Please find all workshop attachments in

Best wishes, Peter