One World Forum Aachen – who we are and what we do

One World Forum Aachen is a registered charity providing a common platform to individuals, groups and non-governmental organizations committed to providing information and furthering conscientisation as well as cooperation and partnership in North – South relations. There are at present some twenty member groups that share their aims and activities with One World Forum Aachen on matters of common interest.

Based in Aachen, reaching out into the Euregio that comprises parts of Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, the Forum works to advocate international understanding and solidarity as well as human rights in a world of equality and justice including issues of the environment, sustainability and fair trade.
While One World Forum Aachen has its own programme organizing talks, debates, seminars, film shows and such like, in addition it supports networking among like-minded as well as encouraging outside educational and social projects by providing logistical and, limited, financial support.

One World Forum Aachen – our special services

In addition to this framework there are further services offered to the public at large by One World Forum Aachen. These include :

The Media Centre

Our Media Centre is well stocked with books on One World matters as well as learning resources for use in kindergardens and schools.
A recent addition to the services provided by the Media Centre is the production of podcasts documenting events arranged by One World Forum and others.

The World Festival

For more than a quarter-century now One World Forum Aachen has been organizing its annual summer World Festival. This is a grand occasion for the general public to enjoy an atmosphere of international understanding for young and old offering international cultural and culinary highlights as well as talks and exhibitions, arranged around a lively market of information stands as well as stalls that offer items for sale run by the Forum’s member groups joined by like-minded people.

Partnership with the fishing village of Lampaseh, Indonesia

Lampaseh is a small village situated on the north-western tip of Indonesia’s province of Aceh. When the deadly tsunami of December 2004 struck the area Lampaseh’s population of some 6,000 people was reduced to just over 500 survivors. Our partnership, on a smallish scale, has the advantage of personal contacts existing between people from the stricken area, Indonesians living in Aachen, and members of One World Forum Aachen interested in Indonesia and our partnership. For some time now donations from Aachen have successfully been used to fund income-generating activities among women of Lampaseh.

Fair Trade Alliance

Fair trade is the only way to substantially reduce poverty globally. The Aachen Fair Trade Alliance of which One World Forum is an active member works for better living and earning conditions for peasants and workers in poor countries by giving them fairer conditions of production. This can only be achieved by educating people in rich countries to value social and ecological aspects above what is called cheap buying. There are some impressive first results achieved by the Fair Trade City of Aachen, where civil society and local businesses work hand in hand to further fair trade.

One World Forum Aachen – what could be my role ?

One World Forum Aachen is always grateful for your active interest in their work and support of any kind you can offer. For example would you like to come in as a volunteer or an intern or would you just join us for any of our activities ?
Do you have any further questions ?

In all these cases do not hesitate to ask us:
phone Dr Mona Pursey on +49 (0)241-89449562,
or email